Thursday, June 12, 2014

what if.........

I’ve been pondering all of the tragedies in our society lately.  It saddens my heart and soul to see all of this go on.  This post is not about guns, it’s not about mental illness, it’s not about any of that………it’s about what each of us can do, each and every day that might make a difference.

What if………

What if we cared more about saying “hello” to people than looking down at our phones? 
What if we said “how are you” and actually meant it and listened to the answer? 
What if instead of answering “fine” we actually said how we felt?
What if we were genuine and told people “thank you” and “have a nice day”?
What if we actually knew our neighbor’s names?
What if we took enough time to help each other?

What if……….

How would we all feel if we thought that someone else actually cared about us? Would that make us hurt less? Would that make people act out less? Would that let us reach out for help when we needed it? Would we reach out to those that we thought needed help?

I personally think it would.  I might be naive, but I think that if we cared just a little bit more about those around us, if we had a vested interest in the people that were around us, that we could make a personal difference in each other’s lives.  I’m not talking about surface Stepford façade interest, but actually getting to know one another.  Just little steps into making each other matter, because, we all do matter!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I'm not losing my funny

So,  I think it’s apparent to pretty much everyone here……..I’m not a writer.  Am I funny  - hells to the yes!  BUT……(and I do have a big butt……..) I am used to playing off of someone – a back and forth banter.  You say something, then I say something witty and maybe slightly inappropriate (ok – usually inappropriate), then you say something, then I say something to tie it up with a big funny bow…….and we all have a good laugh.  That’s how it works. 

The bad thing about the internet is that………there is no banter.  I’ve got to pick up your slack!  You are such a slacker!  Has anyone else told you that, because…..geeze……this is getting ridiculous!

Anywho…… I guess this means, that since I’m having a hard time with this writing thing – I thought I was losing my funny – then I thought it was writers block – then I figured out – fuck no – I’m not a true writer……ha ha!!!  Suck it……….I’m just gonna “blog” whatever the hell I want.  So…… If you can hang with that and follow along, you will see a little of what clouds my head.  Don’t expect “writing”…… because – yeah – I just told you – disclaimer - I’m not a fucking writer!
(gratuitous picture of our elf on the shelf to prove I'm damn funny!)