Friday, June 26, 2009

A temporary tattoo…….really???

I have this new tattoo on my ankle. I did it to crank my mom just a wee bit. I was scheduled to start a class at church with her - yes I said CHURCH. In preparation one would think that I would get my bible ready or maybe pray. Nope – I go straight to the rebellion of how fun it would be to rattle her chain. I’m not evil……not really anyways. But why a temporary tattoo??

First off – I’m a huge chicken – duh! I don’t have the nickname “sissy la-la” for nothing! I hate pain! Would you go into the dentist to do some work if they didn’t have novocain….no, no you wouldn’t!

Secondly – it’s something that I can change around to fit my mood. Even if there wasn’t the aforementioned “fear thing” then it would be because I have a holiday fetish. I just love each and every holiday. I decorate for Easter, Mardi Gras, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas………you get the picture. Occasionally that decorating spills out onto my ankle. It’s silly – I know, but if you know me……well……..that’s self explanatory!

I’m too much of a goodie two-shoes to ever get a real one. My mother would be devastated, but over time she would get used to it. So – this is so much better. I can just surprise her every so often with something that can tick her off for the day……..with a little holiday style!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where in the heck is my tiara?

I swear that's what I signed up for. I was read the stories - you know how they go.....girl meets frog.....girl kisses said frog.....girl ends up with handsome prince and a tiara on her head. I met the frog. I even kissed him - warts and all. All I ended up with was........more warts! What the hell!
I want my tiara. I have the perfect up-do just ready to go. I need my tiara. If a single mom can become the Crown Princess of Norway and a real-estate agent can turn a bar-hook up into becoming the Crown Princess of Denmark, then I have GOT to have a chance. Where's my contract...I guess I should have read the fine print!