Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lame - I know....

I love writing.........I have a post in my head while I'm driving.  I create posts in my head while I'm in the shower.  I write posts throughout the day, when I'm working my regular job..........
And then where or where are the new posts on my blog.....?!?!?

In. My. Head!!!

I have actually been trying to live life, instead of writing about the life that I've been strapped to.

I actually WENT out for a girls night out dinner with friends that I haven't seen in 20 years.....yes - 20 full whole years!  It was so nice - I must do it again.  You know how you "click" with someone - well, yes, we clicked!  It was awesome!!

And as for my very Late New Years Resolution.......this is my first step - writing a post. 

No - It's not pretty, No - it's not great writing , but dammit - it got posted!