Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where did the time go??

So....I'm not sure what happened in between "it's a boy" to "this is your pre-school". It seems to me that I somewhat remember a hazy blur of: nasty diapers & spit up, holding my fingers so that he could take a few steps, teaching him the word "momma", putting on his pj's backwards so he wouldn't end up naked during the night, taking every toy out of his crib while he slept so that he wouldn't be sleeping on a mountain........

It's like I hit the fast forward button by mistake. Here I am now, sitting thinking that he will be starting pre-school in the fall. We visited it the other day. Yes, he is in daycare everyday now, but somehow that seems different. He's at someone's home. He is just "going over there to play".

Now is the beginning of losing my baby. Just like it was yesterday, he was dependent on me for everything; bottles, diaper changes, rocking to sleep. This morning he took out the milk for his cup, dressed himself and climbed into his carseat. It's like the only reason that I was needed was to drive him, since he can't reach the pedals yet. Give him a couple of years and he won't even need that, since I'm only 2 feet taller than he is!

I will be crying when I drive him that first day in September - that's only a hop, skip and a jump from today. I have a couple of years to worry about Kindergarten, but I'll be the one in the backseat sobbing my heart out - by then he will be tall enough to drive!

Friday, June 26, 2009

A temporary tattoo…….really???

I have this new tattoo on my ankle. I did it to crank my mom just a wee bit. I was scheduled to start a class at church with her - yes I said CHURCH. In preparation one would think that I would get my bible ready or maybe pray. Nope – I go straight to the rebellion of how fun it would be to rattle her chain. I’m not evil……not really anyways. But why a temporary tattoo??

First off – I’m a huge chicken – duh! I don’t have the nickname “sissy la-la” for nothing! I hate pain! Would you go into the dentist to do some work if they didn’t have novocain….no, no you wouldn’t!

Secondly – it’s something that I can change around to fit my mood. Even if there wasn’t the aforementioned “fear thing” then it would be because I have a holiday fetish. I just love each and every holiday. I decorate for Easter, Mardi Gras, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas………you get the picture. Occasionally that decorating spills out onto my ankle. It’s silly – I know, but if you know me……well……..that’s self explanatory!

I’m too much of a goodie two-shoes to ever get a real one. My mother would be devastated, but over time she would get used to it. So – this is so much better. I can just surprise her every so often with something that can tick her off for the day……..with a little holiday style!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where in the heck is my tiara?

I swear that's what I signed up for. I was read the stories - you know how they go.....girl meets frog.....girl kisses said frog.....girl ends up with handsome prince and a tiara on her head. I met the frog. I even kissed him - warts and all. All I ended up with was........more warts! What the hell!
I want my tiara. I have the perfect up-do just ready to go. I need my tiara. If a single mom can become the Crown Princess of Norway and a real-estate agent can turn a bar-hook up into becoming the Crown Princess of Denmark, then I have GOT to have a chance. Where's my contract...I guess I should have read the fine print!