Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Great Sandal Expedition of 2012

So…. Stress reduction hasn’t been easy lately.  Little Man has been in transition from school to summer program, the pee-pee monster visiting at inopportune times and end of the year appointments.

So in the process of all of this……comes “The Great Sandal Expedition of 2012”.  I know – it sounds fun – but not so after finding all of the contents of the day’s lunch stuffed back OPENED and leaking into new lunchbox!  (Three – count them 3 – lunchboxes have already been ruined this way!)

He thinks that the missing footwear is somewhere in the grass at school where they played in the sprinklers……..thinks!!!  Since he can’t participate in the “daily drench” without proper sandals, we will have to start the hunt in the morning.  The thought of missing out on one of his favorite activities without his classmates “would be unbearable…” – yes he’s dramatic………seriously -  “unbearable”!?!?  What 6 year old really uses this word??

So as soon as the tires come to a stop, the kid clicked off his seatbelt and started bouncing around waiting for me to come around and set him free – damn childlocks he’s thinking – I just know it.  We race around the grass looking everywhere.  I ask him where they moved the lost and found.  He rolls his eyes like I’m an idiot – “they don’t have one anymore”……..ha ! 

They have children – hence -  they have a lost and found!

One kind soul (or should that be sole??) had pity on us and found it.  It was sitting on top of the Kindergarten cubbies – one of the last places I looked.  Apparently only Kindergartners would lose things………..HA!!!  Relieved, we headed into the playroom – since now he could not worry about playing in the water for another day………..

And what did I find when I signed him in………….his goggles…………..didn’t even realize they were missing!

Oh – this is going to be a long summer of expeditions – I can just feel it!