Ohhh - my little secret...

Guess what……..you want to know a little secret??  Since it’s just us, I guess it would be ok.  Look behind you – anyone there?  No – good, then I will tell you.  No one knows about this little blog but us.  Not my family, not my friends.  If you’ve stumbled upon this, then it was either by happenstance or I needed to use my “site name” to make a comment on someone else’s…..and maybe you saw what I wrote and thought it was funny – or stupid – or who in the hell is this crazy bitch – who knows?  Oh my – I just said bitch AND hell– since my mom’s not here – I guess I can say whatever the fuck I want………..muhahahaha – I just said fuck!!!!!   As you can tell, I rarely swear in real life, but sometimes, my inner self does, and it sure feels good!   Hope you enjoy your time in my little blog, where I write just to rant and get stuff off of my chest.  It’s my therapy, since I’m not supposed to shop or eat………..they take away all of the good stuff!!!

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